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Happy BirthDay Unleashed


We Speak Geek
Thanks everyone! I'm normally a teetotaller, but last night I had a gorgeous lady whom I haven't seen in a while forcing double JDs and coke down my neck - to the tune of 10 shots total, not to mention the 3 Langers (our speciality - half Tiechenne, half Baileys).
Having never actually been drunk in my life, I was completely messed up last night - it's now 15:32 here, and I've only just got out of bed.
On the brightside though, said georgeous lady wants to go out next weekend too, so I'm happy. And I got told by numerous people that I don't change at all when I'm drunk, nor do I slur my speech or show any outward signs. I guess I'll take that as a compliment!

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