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Happy Birthday To Me


.:: FTPAlex ::.
Id just like to say to everyone that Today (December 2nd) is my 16th Birthday :D ... ive now offically become a young adult.. lol

I would also like to thank everyone that has helped me in the past with PC/Hardware problems and like to state out that Xp-erience Rocks!! And i hope that everyone can still help me if i ever come up with other PC Problems :D

Thank you everyone :happy:

Sincerly Alex


Happy Birthday. You can now buy cigs and have XEX legally, strange how the thing that accompanies these so well (Beer) is still 18+

Another thing I find strange about age and laws is that you can have XEX at 16 but you cannot learn about it until your 18. e.g. Video's

Anyhow hope you have a great birthday and don't get to drunk

:D :eek: :D
lol i never thought of XEX like that.. the fact that you can have XEX before you can watch it. Does that mean you have to close your eyes whilst your doing it? :p That could be a bit dangerous.. lol.

Thanx Goldy, ill try not to get drunk...... much :p.

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