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Happy Birthday Leejend

perris said:
where's the party?
My place, in the bathroom. The wife will be rubbing burn ointment all over me. I got a 10 foot extension hedge clipper and spent the afternoon turning the 15 foot hedges into 10 foot hedges (92 def F not a cloud in the sky).

Other goodies
-1 gig thumbdrive (then I see the 4 gig on sale for $59 today :dead: )
-160 gig SATA 150 (trying SATA in spite of the hassles I read on the forum).
-heatless, battery soldering iron from coleman. (haven't tried it yet)
-cheapo ($27) DVD/CD player for the spare room. (Works great, but... See my post in the green room if you know about macro vision copy protection and running A/V into the VCR bugs.)

But best of all I made Gunnery Sergeant in BF2 today! Now I can get the Scar-L.

Thanks for the good wishes all! (Back to the burn ointment. :yowch: )

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