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Some of you know that I'm a huge halo fan.... anybody else played it here? If so, wats your favorite part in it? My favorite part was the final moments of the game, when your in the warhog trying to get to the ship.....

anyway, found this cool site which has a crap load of stuff on halo... if you have broadband, check out the 'movies' section, it has movies sent by people, heck theres even one movie that has some guys reaacting a scene from the Matrix in Halo... lol :D



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I love halo... single/multi..

just wish I had people to play with who had more skillz than my friends... :)

and also wish my friend had cable...


the silent cartographer is pretty cool too... also, the one thats at night, i thnk its right after you get off the ship and right past that map.... your outside, sniping the covennt in your night eye vision sniper..... its awesome


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Originally posted by catch23
I've been trying to find someone else with an Xbox here who would want to do a system link game...maybe not the full 8 players...4 would do...two on each system :eek:D
you mean online?????


F@H - Is it in you?
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its been mentioned... I think late this year early next year...

but if you want to play this game ON YOUR PC right now... heres a way to do it...

no warez of course...


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but seriously..

there IS a way to do it RIGHT now, without the officialonline service(Xbox LIVE!) which is due to come out later this year before Christmas... and I use this method almost everyday...

1.) Download GameSpy Arcade
2.) GameSpy will ask you to register a user account. You can get a free one(with banner ads) or a payed one, for $20 US.
3.) Download Xbox Tunnel
4.) Then, follow this guide to help you setup your xbox for online play....



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that sucks.... but you should try the online thingie i mentioned earlier in this thread.. if you find a good host, you can get lag free gaming...

It was supposed to be, then the WANKERS at M$ bought it and then decided it was so good they wanted to use it to launch their Console. M$ should be a PC manufacturer only, to hell with consoles. Make HALO for PC dammit.


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well, it is coming out for PC next summer... and dont say 'to hell with consoles' ;)

The first game ever was Pong, and it was on console... so dont say that ;)

Consoles are just as good, or even better than PC's for playing games. Some benefits?

Well, its dedicated so you dont have to worry about updating drivers, or getting glitches, or getting patches, or even finding out that the awesome game you just bought runs like **** on your PC. So dont say that ;)

All games on consoles are tested before release, and because the hardware is the same for all users, you will rarely get any glitches or errors... There are even more benefits... but I'm too lazy to write them down... ;)


you all could stop whining and run an emulator and just play with people off your computers...lol


Rather new to this board, but i had to jump on this wagon.=) I just got my Xbox a a week ago and i love it=) hehe crap to all those ppl who says it sucks....truth is i bought it since i already have easy access to a GC and PS2...so why buy my own?:rolleyes: hehe anyways, rented Halo and its great. Altho im a hardcore FPS fan for the pc, halo plays fine, hehe kinda cheap as it does auto aim somewhat=). I have tried multi play since no one i know has and xbox and im too greedy to share my TV viewing space. Anyone here going to get xbox live when it come out this fall(last i heard)? If its either 50 bucks for a year or 9.99 a month, im doin it.=) Hopefully either Halo live version comes out or Halo2? supports it=) Wee...finally something for my ethernet to do instead of playing CS and downloading pron!:D

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