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Halo 3 Details and Scans


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Three New Levels

- Valhalla = Blood gulch,
- High Ground = Zanzibar,
- Snowbound = Frost bite.

New Weapons
Spiker: Some sort of melee weapon.
Spartan Laser: An anti-vehicle weapon.
Nail Grenade: A grenade that sticks to the wall and shoots nails out when it explodes.
Apparently the Spiker and your secondary weapon will now actually be visible strapped to your back.

New Vehicle-
Mongoose: An ATV that carries two people, but has no weapons.

Multiplayer Features
Man Cannon: A device that shoots people into the air, much like a jump pad, though it sounds like it might be aimable.
No bots again. (boo)
The X button will have some special multiplayer feature, perhaps stealing a player's weapon.
Bumpers are now used to reload weapons independently.

Halo 3: Collector's Edition
It will be called the Legendary Edition and will come in a replica of the Master Chief's helmet and include four DVD discs.
- The first disc will be the game disc.
- The second will contain documentaries and developer comments.
- The third disc is all about the spin-off material that has been created (Red vs. Blue, Spark of Life etc).
- The fourth disc will contain all of the cut scenes from Halo 1 to 3 in HD. (you can see it on the 3rd photo)
- A taste of the Halo movie will be on one of the discs.
Sounds pretty damn cool. Hit the jump for more scans.
Scans + Rest of Article

Nothing too special so far, but then again it's Halo and the "Legendary Edition" sounds damn cool. I want it now :p

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