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Halo 2 Website

Excellent site! Also has a timer at the top counting down to November 9. It has got images, trailers, the story so far etc etc.

Also has a very slick interface. :)

Check it out here. :)

P.S. Don't tell me this is old, as I have just discovered it and would like to show it to those who haven't seen it... yet. :)
I hope it doesn't. It's a console shooter for God's sake. :p Even if it does come out, they better make it good. But I don't think it will. In fact, I think it has been confirmed by MS itself?


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*prays for not starting a flamefight*

Half-Life 2 > *

Forget Halo 2. Halo 2 uses a crappy controller. Half-Life 2 uses MOUSE and KEYBOARD! the ultimate setup for FPS's. the best FPS console games i can think of..... pretty much ended after N64 with Goldeneye: 007, Perfect Dark, etc... FPS's just flat out suck on newer consoles.
ED: Do you even own an Xbox, and have you ever played Halo on it? It is one of the best console FPS's ever made. If you played it on PC, then that's a different story as it completely sucked. I don't even consider the Halo PC version Halo, because it is not even worth it. That's how bad it was.

Of course, that's just my opinion. As for Half-Life 2, haven't even played the original, and never plan to, not because I don't like it, but it does not interest me. ;)
hsn, no, i do not own an X-Box, and never plan to. i don't even consider X-Box a console gaming system. it's practically a slimline PC with a hair less functionality. you can tell it's pretty bad when these people start installing Linux on them and stuff. and i have played Halo on X-Box for a little bit. main reason i only played for a little bit is cause to me the control's for it sucked. nothing can ever beat a good ol' mouse and keyboard when it comes to first person shooters. the last first person shooter i really enjoyed i think was Perfect Dark for N64. Maybe the the other latest 007 game for gamecube too, but still doesn't compare to the N64 games.


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ED: You were hoping not to start a flamefest, yet posted flamebait? :rolleyes:

It's very obvious you don't like the Xbox(You can't even spell it right :p) or Halo 2, because you have made numerous other comments like this before, and your comments do not serve to further the discussion. So please, unless you have something constructive to add, don't.


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ohhhhhh i seen it on pre-order in game, i cant wait. Halo absolutly rocked on the Xbox, still in my top few games, if not top. ( just depends which i'm currently playing :p )

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