Halo 2 Hits Theaters

Microsoft and Bungie announced today that a cinematic, action-stuffed Halo 2 trailer will immediately begin showing in Loews Cineplex theaters here in the States. Developed by Hollywood production house The Ant Farm and running through August, the trailer will play before the summer's hottest flicks, including "Spider-Man 2," "The Village," "King Arthur," "I, Robot," "Catwoman" and "Alien vs. Predator." So, you'll already be there for a movie you want to see, but it will only get better from there.

The trailer will set the scene for the game, detailing the Master Chief's arrival on a war-torn Earth in order to stop the Covenant from eradicating mankind.

Catching hot movies and a Halo 2 trailer ain't a bad way to spend the summer, especially since that gets us that much closer to that magical November 9 day. Sweet, sweet November 9. Sorry. We've got to go be alone now.



Dabba Dooba
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awww...looks like u were the only person posting in here :(.

its kinda stupid they dont have it play at my theater :(

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