Halo 2.5 or Halo 3

I'm searching it (ya hard to believe) And i'm coming acrossed all this stuff, like it coming out in late Feb, which that one is just not true. Plus like i'm seeing all this other stuff, and i'm just woundering have they even started making the game? I know they will but like it seems like some of these sites, people just made it up to be in there perfect image?


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Re: "Halo 2.5" or "Halo 3"

There won't be Halo 2.5 or 3 on Xbox. It will surely come on Xbox 2. The only thing that is supposed to be out in February is the Downloadable Content for Halo 2. Example: New Levels, Weapons and New Objective Modes.
Re: "Halo 2.5" or "Halo 3"

Hmm ic, well i think this guy was just like typing out of this ass, kinda like that south park episode where they poop out of there mouth. But i'm going on the wrong path here. So is it 100% sure that the new halo will be for xbox 2 or XEON or whatever?


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Re: "Halo 2.5" or "Halo 3"

Bungie has not denied or confirmed Halo 2.5 or 3...however either one of them won't be coming out soon ;)


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Re: "Halo 2.5" or "Halo 3"

They are just rumors cause of how halo 2 ended and all.

Also...your avatar scares me grand :(.


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Re: "Halo 2.5" or "Halo 3"

Of course there will be a next Halo, just pay attention to how the plot ends in the 2nd game. I've heard alot of crazy rumors though, like one that it wasn't coming out until 2007 and others that said it was coming out later this year...



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Re: "Halo 2.5" or "Halo 3"

i heard a guy from bungie say it will come out some time around the time the ps3 comes out... he was kind of joking about how that will be in a long time so who knows... but it will be on xbox 2... and there will definately be a 3rd because they aren't retarded

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