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Halflife, Diablo, and Starcraft and AvP2 XP problem



I have a strange problem running those games in Windows XP. First, the Halflife only run in administrator accounts, if I try to run it as user I click and nothing happens. Anyone know a solution for that ??

Other problem is with Starcraft and Diablo, I need to run those games from the NoCD / Battlenet / FSGS Loaders, and also them run perfectly in administrator account, but not in user. Anyone know also, anything about how to arrange this ??

The third and last problem is with Alien vs Predator 2. I install the game, and I play perfect as administrator too, but in user account It seems like the game was not installed, I imagine is becausse the user and administrator registry entries are different, but I don´t know how to copy the reg entry from administrator to user account.

I hope someone can help me with any of my problems, I am sure I am not the only one with them. :))

Well, thanx for all :) And great forum :))


- Jeslan -


I sorry to tell you , but you will have to run them in Admin account.

Its not Xp its the actual programs/games.

On most of the newer software when you install , you should see a message box saying "would you like all users to use this program or just administrator"

We have to wait for them to all do this .....

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