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ok I have a weird thing going on. I can go to certain websites and certain things work but the other half of everything doesn't work

Doesn't work - Steam, most websites(espn.com, cnn.com), Trillian, ABC(bittorrent).

works - some websites(actually only the firefox start page and this one), the weather docklet in object dock. my mom uses aol over broadband and that connects.

I use a cable modem from comcast into a dlink wireless router with the wireless turned off and two computers hooked up to the network.

everything worked fine last night and when I woke up everything was all screwed up.

I've restarted my modem and router and I just can't get it to work.


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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delete this thread all is fine...I didn't do anything special after the third restart to the router everything went normal...don't know what happened but just delete this tthread


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Since you asked.

The router's subnet mask may have gotten corrupted. it's supposed to be Mine got garbled once and that blocked certain ranges of IP addresses.

Reseting the router should set the subnet mask back to the correct value. You may need to unplug the router before resetting it will work.


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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you know what I think that actually happened...I didn't notice it then but now that I think of it the subnet was at one point...resetting the router didn't work the first two times but the thing I did differently was plug the modem straight into the comp, when that worked put the modem cable into an already running router and turned off the modem. Went into the router settings and cloned my mac address (which was never needed before) restarted the modem and to my suprise it worked...

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