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Half-Life2 Gun Annoyance


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I know this may be nit picking but after playing games like Medal of Honour and FarCry I find it quite annoying that most of the guns have no zoom modes! Despite some i.e. the flipping machine guns clearly having a sight on them! Bah!
Well That’s what I have noticed I don’t think I am that far through it Just got that weird bug bait thing after the sandtraps level (after completing the buggy stuff). I don’t know if it has annoyed anyone else but if guns don’t have zoom DON’T put them on the model (just rubs it in)


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Think of it like this.... the gun sight provides you with the crosshairs you have on screen. Because if they are iron sights then you will get no zoom effect. If its scope then you have no crosshairs because you have to hold it your eye to see through it (perspective).

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Only times I know of that you can use suit zoom and shoot at the same time are with the hovercraft or buggy. You can zoom and use the guns on these vehicles at the same time.


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Crossbow will allow you to zoom and shoot.

If you have a steady hand then use your 9mm and zoom, target, then unzoom and shoot.
Double Taps, ._.____._.____._.____ etc with a quick check between every two shots.


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I still think it would be nice to have the zoom feature on more guns such as in farcry but hey half-life2 is still a great game and still trying hard to finish it (not that I have much time :( )


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I would prefer zoom as well but this way you have to move and position yourself better to take out enemies (unless you use the cross-bow) rather than the usual pansy setup of taking people out from a mile away....

I prefer it this way almost coz it is getting damn close to melee style fighting :D


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yah I woulda likd that too :)

but I was happy with teh game...

wasn't much going on wrt zooming in d3 either :)

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Never bothered with d3, I got all the prettiness I needed in farcry :)
HL2 overall is a great game, maybe if some expansion pack comes out they will add more zoom features to weapons.


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d3 had the best lighting effects ever... but also had the most hype and the biggest letdown (for me personally)

hl2 had a crapload of hype too but it at least provided a story and different forms of gameplay... plus some form of physics...

in d3 physics was extremely limited and gameplay extremely linear...


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I got bored with doom3 maybe i did not give it enough time but it was just toooo samey. Hl2 is a damn good game and I have not finished it yet, but still in a way I prefered farcry I dunno why maybe it was the locations, or maybe just me being a coward lying in bushes shooting people in the head :D

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