Half Life2 gets new release date


but you do know that as soon as "summer" rolls around, Valve is going to fabricate something else (will I eat these words? probably not), along the lines of "Well, the game was 99.99% completed, and we were preparing the last compilation of all the resources, when I'll be damned if two alien spacecraft didnt land in our parking lot, fire tractor beams at the building, and steal every computer on our network!"
i will believe you this time o_87, last time you told me about Halo 2's release date around this year's Christmas, I didn't believe you :p. Hopefully, both the games will be released on the time they're set at. :)
"Half-Life 2 sets a date"

there was no date of release posted in the article but the one for Trokia's game.

what a disappointment...
HandyBuddy said:
If there weren't leaked alphas of both HL2 and Doom III, I would put them in the same category as the tooth fairy.
lol :D

Im in the same place as you, on this one - besides the sexy Bink vids and the leaked materials, I would have guessed that Mr. Freeman's return was farther away than Jesus'


Quazatron R6 droid
Maybe its because of the leaks the games have been set back? ;)

Anyway, I am patient with HL2 and waiting for it to come out.. it does exist (the leaks prove it) and will probably eventually appear.. maybe when I'm 60, but it will appear.
I wish it was already out. me, along with xxx,xxx,xxx amount of people. :-\ as long as it comes out in 2004, which it should and BETTER, i'll be happy. As for Doom 3, that didn't really appeal to me.


{ //start rant

hl2 is way way overrated by now "oh someone hacked our system and got our source code" you would think that would be better because the hype.. Hell i forgot what the game is supposed to be about and forgot what hl was its been so long :)
I have given up on valve and sticking to the basic games that have a constant ability to make a release and make it play great.
UT series
quake series (might not be often but always good :p )
war craft series
command and conquer series

}// end rant

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