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Half life ping probs



ok heres my system:
p4 2.3 ghz
220 mb ram
Ge force 3
xp pro
dynamode modem

b4 wen i was using ME i used to ping round 200 now wen i go on cs with xp it pings at 1000 + !!!!!!!!!!!
i've tryed everything, some 1 suggested QoS uninstall but it aint even installed on my comp!
any suggestions?????????:confused:


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are you sure its not the server thats the trouble?

try out a few other servers and if the same problem exists just dual boot and play cs on ME :) simplest answer..

I actually had ping spikes when I dled new drivers for my radeon so I rolled back...

btw have the pings always been in the 1000 range for XP ?


yes, its not always your computer that is causing the problem. the distance to some servers creates bad pings sometimes. especially if the server is spiking and your on a modem, i've seen as high as a 4000 ping before the person timed out.


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Wow wow wow, tag u are aware that 256mb of ram is recomended for XP for all the stuff to run something like cos ur problem could be to many back ground programs running and its causin u 2 lag while playin.
and no its not the server cos i play on the same one and my specs are alot lower that his.

700Mhz athlon
Hayes external modem
256mb pc-133
xp pro


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My reason for sayng this is because i used to have a statbar and i would have a considerable amount of ram left b4 i went on cs and went i'd look at the stat bar and i realised that cs in win xp pro uses alot of resources and i ended up with 5-10mb of ram left!



XP runs fine on other internet games eg MOH:AA and theer r no big back ground programs running..............
Oh yeh bout the server, its part of my ISP and thats 6 miles away :p , wen i had ME i pinged in the 140 consatntly.......


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Maybe u need to do sometweakin in cs, try these.........
Type "rate" in console and change it to "2500"
Type "cl_updaterate" in console and change it to "10"
Type " cl_cmdrate" in console and change it to "10"

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