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Half-Life Multiplayer problem


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whenever i try to play a multiplayer game in halflife (whether it be opposing forces, HL, team fortress classic, etc), w/ filters of responding servers, responding faster than 100ms, dedicated server, have ppl playing, are not full, anti-cheat enabled, and the type of game i want, it gives me like 30,000 games, in the past i only got a max of 5000, is there something wrong i need to fix, or maybe a patch i need to download?
I dont know if this will help you.......i had the same problem when i went to play c/strike or any of the other half life games by going through the actual half life game itself (too many servers all the time).
I then tried using the actual c/strike shortcut and the same with team fortress...and then went to the server list where filters are and did a refresh and all is working now,correct amount of servers per mod...give it a try if you havent already.

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