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Half Life 2

you buy HL2, then download CS:S via steam (from what i remember) It may be installed auto but i dont think so, if it is it will still have to be updated.


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As far as I know, ALL releases of HL2 come with CS:S, even if it somehow didn't you, could download it through steam as it is included in the HL2 licence.
Ohh since i have a Half Life 2 Key when i regester it on steam, it will automatically give me Counter-strike Source? If so, does it also come with DoD? 'Day of Defeat'

IIRC DoD:S is only available through the Silver or Gold steampackage.

Its been awhile since I opened up steam, so I'm not sure its even done yet. But I would assume that eventually there will be a seperate download for DoD when its finished. Key word is assume.

But if you want to play the original, you can still grab that off of steam using your old HL key.
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DoD: Source has not been released.

I am not sure about regular DoD though. Have not tried or played that in a very long time.

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