Half-Life 2 SDK soon



no doubt! ive given up on TF2 "coming soon". they may as well not release it, because hl2, doom3, etc. is gunna take up peeps time anyways. lol


ElementalDragon said:
errm.... didn't they say that TF2 is coming out with HL2? :confused:
Gamestop has TF2 for release June 14, 2004. HL2 is aimed for April..

*edited* bleh bleh bleh...


Free to Fly
Hahaha they cant even get TF2, CS:CZ, HL1 remake, or HL2 out and already they are promising SDKs?

As everyone has said, Valve need to get more from their work than empty promises.


The One and Only
you know, why do people complain about all this waiting for stuff? i mean ya, i hate the wait too, but the game(s) is/are almost definitely going to be worth it.


Free to Fly
I'm not moaning about waiting, the only game I mentioned that i will play (note, play not pay) is half life 2 itself. I was just saying its a bit of a joke Valve continually saying 'Coming Soon' to everything. They are doing it to get attention back onto them and their games. As a build up, basic hype. Its a bit like the boy who cried wolf in a way, sooner or later people will be saying Valve who?

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