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Half life 2 graphics problem


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Hi guys

I am having a really frustrating time with the graphics on Half Life 2 it looks like this right through the game and it does it on Half Life 2: Deathmatch aswell any help will be greatly appreciated thanks. Also i can play games with higher specifications without problems

Pentium 4 Motherboard
Xabre 200 (64mb) Video Card
AMD Sempron +2800 1.6ghz CPU
768mb RAM

Please People i am so desperate ive tried everything i can think of
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You'll want to attach the picture or put it on a photo sharing site. Linking to a picture on your hard disk won't work for anyone but you.

Oh and make sure it's jpg or png, bmp is huge :D
I've only ever seen that if the GPU overheated. It was usually followed by a crash to desktop on xp or vista saying it reset the gpu.


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Pentium 4mobo with an AMD cpu? How does that work?

Anyways, what is your Operating System? Have you made sure you are using the latest video card drivers? (Although it sounds like you won't be able to access any drivers for that vidcard, it's pretty old by today's standards)

But judging from that screenshot, your vid card is pooched/overheating.


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