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Half Life 2 Footage


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No thats wrong. Valve has said that half life 2 will support older systems. they said you can run this game with 700 mhz.


u mean start the executable with 700mhz lol
that dont mean u'l see soemthing on screen heheh


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it should play well enough...

even doom III is designed around gf3/radeon 8500 level cards as a base... hence higher performing cards than that will run the game (@ lower settings of course)

half life 2... SHOULD run on lesser rigs than doom III... I am sure doom III's sound effects alone will require a juicy rig to pump up the volume so to speak :)


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Originally posted by Flatbeat_Eddy
i bet you'll need 3ghz cpu's and 1gb Vram gfx cards for it. haha!

that was just a really ignorant thing to say.....

can't wait tell this game comes out its gonna kick all over Doom 3's @ss!


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Krux is right. if anyone was keeping up on HL2 news, you would have read that it is even compatible on old TNT video cards. And if anyone wants to see a video from E3 about it, which i don't know if any of the other links are from there, go to www.gdawgg.com and in the middle section near the top there's a link with a movie recorded from E3 by a half-life player that goes by the name of MooseD from the gdawgg clan. It's not the greatest quality, but that's cause it's not an actual teaser, it's footage right from E3 with commentary from the guy that made it.

P.S. If you haven't seen this yet, you'll love the Gravity gun (not sure if that's it's actual name since it never says it) and what i believe is the new beefed up Tau cannon.

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