Half-Life 2: Episode One Trailer


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SOOOOOOOO can't wait!

wonder if they're gonna have HD resolutions for it? and i pray that they either add some new weapons or somethin to HL2DM..... or at least fix the majority of the bugs in HL2DM that have been there pretty much since it was released.

edit: and from what Valve said...... the reasoning behind it being episodic, instead of full complete stories... is so they can release additions to the HL2 storyline, without having gaps of several years between each one. Look at HL1 and HL2..... think HL2 was said to have been in production since maybe a year after HL1 was released..... which i think was in '96? so you figure HL2 was in production for at least a minimum of 4-5 years.


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Well, partly the reason HL2 took so long was the development of the Engine itself. The actual content development only takes a couple years at most for their level of quality.

I still just think Episodes are an excuse to charge more in the long run. The money you spend versus how much content you get does not add up to a good deal. Also, I think playing 20 - 30 hours and waiting two to three years is better than playing for 3 - 5 hours and waiting 6 months or more. But its just my opinion... and obviously makes no difference :)

Ok... back to playing Oblivion!


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oblivion is the best bang for the buck i have had yet. Iv played some 25 hours and have only closed two gates. Been doing so many assasinations for the dark brotherhood. hehe
That cliffhanger at the end of HL2 drove me nuts...looks like they've discovered a good marketing engine because I want to know the rest of the story!

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