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Half-Life 1 mic + soundcard conflict



I know the subject is a bit hazy, but bare with me here. Basically, I bought a Logitech USB Headset 200 which just plugs into your computer and off it goes. The problem is that when using the mic in Half-Life it blinks on and off no matter what you do. I also have a normal sound card installed aswell in my computer. The problem I am pretty sure is that Half-Life gets confused over using the USB port for the input (output is fine) because when I unplug my USB and try using the voicecomm (even though I dont have a mic plugged in), it doesnt blink. Also, disabling the normal sound card in Device manager doesnt help (I thought it would because it would force HL to use the USB Headset but it doesnt).

Any way around this?
what do you mean by "blinks"?

these may be trivial questions but:

tried running the voice setup that came with it (cs)?
set the usb headset as the default mic?
there is also teamspeak (which is nice because it has better sound quality - if you have the bandwidth) and ...stuff... wouldnt bother with third party voice progs until you are sure you cant get the integrated voice system to work, tho

Bronx Bomber

well, if its just half life thats having the problem, then just use an outside program(like Ventrillo). plus, with an outside program, you can talk to your teammates while you are dead and they arent(ghosting).
which actually IS legal in CAL, UGS, etc.


yeah but with those, dont you have to create a server, then get others to manually connect to it etc?

Its not the same as being able to connect to any pub game and instantly be connected with everyone.

there are heaps of 3rd party programs like Roger Wilco that do the 3rd party voice comm too. Its good for wars and talking to team mates, but useless for pubs is all.

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