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had a head injury


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i fell off a desk when i was 4...
lost a lot of blood.. the head is pretty bad for blood..

i remember getting stiches without being drugged up.
i didnt even cry.... probably the adrenaline

I forgot to say get well soon!


- geek -
I've had stitches in the head [one of those big Marlboro clocks fell off the wall and onto my head] and know 1st hand that the head bleeds like crazy. I hope you feel better man.


Dabba Dooba
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Ouchy mama. How u get better :). I slipped on concrete in my basement and smacked my head on it. My mom said it sounded like and bowling ball. Blood was all over the place but i ended up alright.

Get Well Soon :p


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Had a bottle broken over the back of my head about 6 yrs. ago. Ended up w/ 6 staples in my head. Big scar, but I'm alright now. heal quickly, best of luck.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
be well Perris - alongside my other worries I also uncurred a broken nose (not the first time) and I have taken a row of six stitches to a head injury - so I can tell you one thing..... like the docs said not too long in front of the computer screen!

We will see you when we see you - only tell us about it if you want to, you know this place is cool like that. Take care (as I am sure you did, accidents will happen!)
Wow this was only yesterday? Thought for sure I had read this post like friday or so. Anyways I hope your head is feeling alright perris .. "the day after" is usally the most painful but it gets easier from then on. :)

Shamus MacNoob

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Gezzz get well soon mate and for christs sake settle down man and stay outta trouble.

ps: I had 4 skull fractures and brain hemorage after bad car accident , 11 hours on the table with brains hanging out. Took me over 2 years to get back to work. Was in a coma for over a month. Needed to go back for a second knife job on my knee a year and a half later, why so long? cause if they would have put me under I would have stayed was too badley hurt.

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