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Hacking attempt?

I just checked my Apache2 logs and foudn this:
202.9.*.* - - [24/Oct/2003:21:39:46 +0200] "GET /scripts/nsiislog.dll" 404 306
(part of the IP has been removed for privacy issues)

I traced the IP back to a provider somewhere in India, since I don't know anyone in India and seeing that he/she is trying to access a IIS(?) log script(?), should I block the IP? Or is this normal?


I may actually be insane.
probably a crawler/robot. As it says, they received a 404 anyway(?), so it shouldn't really matter.

Probably only really worth blocking the IP if it's a repeated event.


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Don't worry, I get these in my 404 logs all the time:



etc, that is the NIMDA or Code Red trojan, but I'm on FreeBSD :) so good luck infecting me.


Well the most hack attempts I get are from the middle east or asia.

On the other hand I get a few via europe with the user having an asian or middle east server.

Probably better off just blocking their addie for the time being.

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most of the attempts i get are from brazil. they got a real problem with hackers over there.
then i get the guys who try to hide their identity by using some a different IP. its really annoying.
Just some general comments to go out in no particular order:

1) Code Red or Nmida probes (or any worm activity for that matter) are not hacking attempts.

2) You can not be sure of the location of an "attacker" and it not important where they are anyway.

3) Chill out and be happy your protected :) Blacklist repetitive IPs that cause you grief.


I wonder if they could just send us the honey's from brazil and let the guys go nuke each other with their trojans and leave the chicks to us red blooded sport minded guys ;)

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