Hacked Steam Account

Thanks guys, I will run those as well and post back.

If there is nothing at all found, I am saying that Paypal was that company that I signed up for and they were just being cautious. And the Steam thing was some weird random luck for someone. And I will have to keep watching everything and see if anything more happens.

I am not too worried, since all my accounts aren't "important" the only one is paypal and my bank account. And I don't think they can do much from within the bank account site. Maybe transfers, but I think I have it set up for them to call me if it's done.

So we will see where this goes.
if you truly have a password with upper and lower case letters and numbers, the chance of a batch password cracking program successfully coming up with your number is virtually nil.

Someone either physically accessed your machine or virtually did so.

Please when you scan, you must do it in safe mode with restore turned off.

A great program is ewido, works wonderfully for me, also trend online is great also.

personally if none of them find anything i would completely format your machine, possibly with a formatter using 1's and 0's. Because some rootkits are virtually impossible to find by any means.

We had an attack on one of our websites and it completely destroyed it, it took me 9 months to get all the content back on it, and we make millions and are one of the largest companies in the world for what we do.

I'll ask tomorrow and see what program we used to scan our servers, but we did pay a consultancy firm i think $150,000 to do this.... so you see what you are up against.

just my opinion.
I think reformatting the machine is extreme, unless problems get worse. And unless another thing happens, scanning in safemode don't make much difference. Thanks for the input, I am very doubtful on anything like that getting on my system, so for something to be one of the extreme not findable ones, is very unlikely.
And hopefully you didn't accidentally give out your information to the crack-heads who steal accounts and then enlist under "Steam Account Admin" and ask for your information?

Hopefully you didn't :)

Good luck getting your stuff back dude.
stop using AVG. its useless as you just found out. Antivirus programs to look at include:

Kaspersky AV/Internet Security
Norton AV 2008/Internet Security 2008.
i had avg for a while, found many false positives -- i had to email avg about 5 times, currently im trying on est nod3 but its licence is dear 40£ for one year :(
commercial scanners are cheaper after the first year and much better than current free offerings or any AVG offering :)
when your on the sick though, money is tighter than you think, im not getting a lot a week to live on - not like what you read in the papers
true, i think i have most bases covered, spi firewall on router eset spybot hijackthis, few other tools
I have tried NOD32 before hand, and there was something about it I didn't like. I think I have became so used to AVG and how it works that everything else seems wrong. I know they are better, always have, it's just well I don't know. This is the first time AVG has giving me false positives for anything. And this is really the first time I have had any security problems, if I really am having problems. I still think its more random occurrences then anything else.

I might have to try it again, and see if I can get it how I want it.

*And if I were to try and maybe buy NOD32, is this the right version, or is there a better one, or what?

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do you need a software firewall when you have a router though
Most domestic router firewalls are not very smart with their SPI a firewall from eset, kaspersky, symantec stands a chance of catching the one or two things that may sneak through once in a blue moon.

However if you use NAT (this is the case if you have a dynamic ip) then no you don't need one. The AV will take care of anything that gets through the firewall/NAT.
yes it's linksys WRT54GS NAT router - running tomato 1.14 :) - static ip - dhcp messes about with ftp and http, plus having static stops people near by getting onto my router :)
I find the price on there software extreme, if it was a price of one time only then sure. but yearly, that is stupid. Why would anyone pay that?
We spend around 1/2 a million a year for antivirus software at work... why because you need protection thats why.
I find the price on there software extreme, if it was a price of one time only then sure. but yearly, that is stupid. Why would anyone pay that?

to stop them getting hacked or infected maybe ? ;)
yes it's linksys WRT54GS NAT router - running tomato 1.14 :) - static ip - dhcp messes about with ftp and http, plus having static stops people near by getting onto my router :)

This isn't totally true... just because you set it statically does not mean a sniffer can not detect what IP you are using, then they only need to figure out how big of a range you put in your router... Then bigo presto... they are on your network...

To secure it as much as possible, you would need to set it statically, limit the number of IP's to the numebr of PC's, set the router for MAC address filtering, turning your LAN Brodacast OFF, and using the best encryption available to your router...

I guess I am paranoid, as I do all of this except turn off the broadcast... if someone gets in, they are better at it then I am, and I would need to get a VM machine installed on one of my machines to try and hunt the violator down...

Im just sayin....

Mike A!

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