Hacked MSN account


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Someone just hacked my sister's MSN Messenger account. The password and secret question have been reset by this anonymous person, there is no way to retrieve the info. Is there any way to retrieve this anonymous person's info? I am using Kerio Personal Firewall with AVG antivirus.


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The password was probably captured locally or she input it on a spoofed website.

Directly 'cracking' hotmail accounts passwords is not an activity people normally take part in.

I doubt tracing the person is something you will be able to do no but lets see what we can find out about how the account was taken.

A OpenPorts log and a HiJackThis/StatupList log would be good.


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She already has a suspect, but I am not accusing anyone till I found the answer. I already contacted MSN services, explaining them the situation and ask them if they could hand me the IP address of this person.
My sister already said that she didn't fill out her username and pass in some form of website other than the MSN website.
I will post a hijackthis and Openports log as soon as I installed those apps.


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It wouldn't be surprising for someone she knows just to have guessed the details, happens all the time with services that use a secret question, people that know you know things like your pets name or place of birth.

MSN won't hand you any such information. It's against the Privacy Policy, even with that information you would require the co-operatation of the ISP. They may however deal with it on your behalf.


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Hmm, ok. I already mailed the possible suspect, asking her if she could hand me over the details she changed and no further action will be taken. edit: Damn, the e-mail address does not exist.
Until then, do you know how I can secure my MSN connection? Now all the data is being sent out in the open air without any form of encryption, and I am not letting anyone (including myself) on MSN before it is secured.


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Oh ok. I just asked her what her secret question was and not to my suprise it was 'Who is nice?' answer: <her name> :rolleyes: So that could be easily comprimised. I am now creating a new account for her where she can explain the situation to the people 'she' has insulted.
the best possible secret question is "aana;ljdn84h" and the best answer is "a;lksunf;o84r"...ain't nobody gonna get into my account w/o the pass (including me)


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thebear said:
the best possible secret question is "aana;ljdn84h" and the best answer is "a;lksunf;o84r"...ain't nobody gonna get into my account w/o the pass (including me)
I just created a new account for my sister, but I could only choose from some prefebricated questions, I could not put in my own.

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