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Hack winXP ??



I just installled a fresh copy of windows XP, because my previus installation failed. Now I want to extract my files from the old windowsXP, is that possible?? I cant change permission level..though Im the administrator..

plz. help .


Try Recovery Software!

Not a computer expert, but you can try some sort of recovery software, like EasyReovery or Norton Ghost, however be careful. Next time take back-ups of important files, peferrably on a CD-R or CD-RW.


I understand this.. however this is a mulible user PC, and the other ones, those who crasched it, dont know it..and now they want their files back... Yep it was my littlebrother.. ;-(


By te way, installing the new winXP, isnt their a recovery feature I could use.. ie. Reg repair or something.. ?

the error message;

could not load:
I had the same issue...microsoft tells you its your memory..but its wasnt the case for me. It was happening because I had the HDs on the RAID and the cdroms on IDE. After replacing everything but power supply I found that out. Even after weeks with Microsucks!...lol....So if that is your setup I bet thats the problem. I'm also looking for the article on how to use the recovery console on it to post it for ya. I have in memory trust me but im not typing it.


Dont know much about recovery, or about the reg repair thing, but I know that by using some of these recovery softwares, you can find files on your Hard Disk, even after you've formatted it.

Download EasyRecovery or Ghost (they sharewares or demos) and install them, try EasyRecovery, check the results, and see what you can do. If this doesn't work, then try Ghost.

If you don't understand how to use a these softwares, then you can read the help files of the softwares, but if you still dont understand, then if you have any friends who know how to use the softwares, bring them over and ask them to help.

It maight be a long process, but you can try it, and if you do, good luck. You can click here for a list of some of the latest shareware recovery softwares.


Thank you! Ill try your suggestions .. My winXP run for like 1-2 months, before it chrashed.. It just did during playing a game..and when I went and turned it on.. it did'nt work..

Well, Wildoptic, if you have something in mind, plz. PM me..

Well the article is no longer on the MS site so im going to type it out for you.

When you try to start or restart your Windows XP-based computer, you may receive one of the following error messages: Windows XP could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM

1.Boot into recovery console (boot with WinXP cdrom and then press "r" to enter recovery console when prompted)

2. type "cd system32\config" (you must navigate to C:\windows\system32\config)

3.type "dir system" check to see if the file "system" is present if so go to step 4 if not go to step 5

4. type "ren system system.bak"

5. them type "copy c:\windows\repair\system" (should see one file copied message)

6.type "exit" (time to test it out)

This may help but you might get another file of the hive to crash after if so just repeat and replace system with software,sam, or security. Those are the only files that are part of the Hive anything else. dont do this with. Ok finally done...lol Good luck. And keep in mind what I said about how you have the HD plugged in(raid or not). And it may be a memory issue as well so good luck. And let me know WldOptic@tampabay.rr.com


When you boot the machine, hit F8 a couple of times. Should bring you to a startup menu. Choose last known good configuration. See if that works.
Last know configuration must be choosen before the error message kinda point less i think ....but you must know ahead of time...weird but thats ms for you.


...I tried booting into safemode and also last known good config. neither worked, they just stated the same at in normal mode..

I also tried to use the windowsXP disc to boot, but it just went black several times..I think its because of my geforce 2 grafics card..? Ill try swithing cards sometime, to see if it works.. can I use win2k cd..?


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also you can login using "administrator" mode. at your windows login screen just type administrator. there is no password unless you set one.


:) sorry not much help...Im allready admin. apperently the old user-folders are secured, so they only can be opened from that windows which they where locked by ... even "inherit.." or "changing owner" wont do much help .. in addition the folders cant be deleted.

The only way to get the files seems to be to try to recover the old version, I have a feeling, that you could install the missing files using the disc...as suggested earlier..except I have the geforce card which wont allow windows to install further.. or something,. .. I'm trying later..its Easter!

Happy Easter!
forget the computer for a while and take a walk in the park or something... ;-)


if you havent yet, try using ntfsdos or dosntfs whichever it is. load it onto a boot floppy, run it and nagivate to the files in dos. hope that helps a little.

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