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Hack-a-Day: Cool new site

The Engadget folks have launched a new site that specializes in gadget hacking and modding projects. I was looking over some of the content, and they have some really neat stuff.
*Subscribes to RSS feed* :D

welcome citizen engineers. hack a day (beta) is a web magazine devoted to cataloging all the best hacks, mods and diy (do it yourself) projects from around web. each day i’ll post one hack i like, seen or tried and once a week a special how-to. this is in beta, so enjoy the occasional oddity and sawdust while it gets cookin.

why a site? i thought it was time to have one spot on the web with all the things you can do with ipods, digital cameras, consoles, portables, locks, macs, pcs, anything that can be modd’ed or hacked. a lot of the desire to do this is so i don’t have to hunt around as much for ideas. the goal is for anyone who—has an old pda, a tivo, an atari, an ipod, xbox, or any device just sitting around, then hits hackaday.com, bang, sees all the things folks can do with it to void the already expired warranty or get more out of it.

i’ll post some resources like make, pop sci, books and other things to check out too since i get get asked about that a lot.
Link: Hack A Day


I may actually be insane.
Looks cool, shame they have that bullsh*t "OS X on an xBox" Article published. Other than that, the other things actually look quite fun :D


I may actually be insane.
That was (sort-of) useful though, this is just PeaPC on the xBox... the xBox being a PC in a small black case, and PearPC being old news. It's just annoying as hell to see all the "OMG MAC ON TEH XBOX LOLOLO ROLF!!!" type articles and comments flying around the net, when it's basically recycled news from months ago.

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