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guitar and amp questions


OSNN Senior Addict
anyone here play guitar? i am getting an american strat and i was always curious about the difference between the delux and the standard.

also, i was thinking about getting a line 6 amp but i am not sure i want to stray too far from tubes. i may get the fender 2x12 hot rod. i play a vintage club tube head now but the fender is so much brighter.



Chamone M*tha Fu*ka
Tubes all the way. Can't beat the raw sound full of colour! I've got a Marshall JVC800 Lead series to go with my Epiphone Sheraton and Boss rack - 100 Watts of bliss.


The Analog Kid
One of the guitarists in my band has a Line6. I hate it. The problem is that the amp itself has no "sound". It's all modeled sounds and effects and there is no continuous "voice" from one preset to the next. Get yerself a nice tube head. If you have the cash, check out the Mesa's. Then get some good pedals or some rack gear.
So many variables

Getting the right guitar amp combination takes time and possibly
lots of money, also the style you play, and the type of band you are
in too. No point in paying for a Triple Rectifier Boogie if you play in a jazz
band is there!

Some Points to remember:

1. Your budget
2. Your Style
3. Your Band
4. Volume (louder than the drummer)
5. How Big!
6. Manouverability

Fender Guitars on the whole usually sound good married with fender amps, but
which one I cant answer, but as Dream says tubes are the way to go. And for classic tones and punch they're a must have amp.

I personally have a Laney VC50 with 2 x 12 extension cabinet, it's all tubes
and boy is it loud, I've played in rock bands for years and had all the guitars, Strats, Tele's, Les paul 25/50 Anniversery, Amps 6 x AC30's, Fender Twin.

I play a 26 year old Washburn Falcon my mother bought me for a birthday, it
wipes the floor with anything, so dont be swayed by brand names, theres a
lot of good guitars and amps out there for a lot less money.

Check out www.busterjames.com for a listen.

A1eHouse whats a JVC 800? never heard of it? Is it some kind of DVD player?
(to much ale me thinks)or did you mean JCM800, now there a good amp.

Few things i've found in years of playing guitar, drums, recording, playing live, etc, etc:

1) Price is not equal to quality.
2) There is nothing like the sound of a Les Paul thru a 4x12 stack.
3) Most strats have a lower output than other guitars
4) I love my $100 Epiphone strat copy. Neck like butter.
5) Couple of heads to check out: Laney, Randall, Bedrock, Mesa Boogie, Hi-Watt
6) The american strat is damn near identical to the jap strats. It's just assembled in CA, so they charge more for it.
7) Don't buy a guitar and amp at the same time. Buy the guitar, play with it, break it in, play with different strings. Find the "sound" of the guitar and then go get an amp that compliments it
8) Don't be fooled by numbers, there are 30 watt heads that are just as loud as 100 watt heads.

There will be more coming I'm sure.

What kind of sound are you going for?


OSNN Senior Addict
i actually bought a guitar today. i got the Fender American Delux Ash Strat with the S-1 pick up system. i played the normal strat and i really liked how this one sounded and felt. smooth and the sound is top notch.

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