Guide to viewing modes in vB 3


19 Jul 2003
As you know we had a database wipe out and we started over with vB 3 RC2. This version has new viewing modes for looking at topics. Here's a guide to them:
could a mod please pin this if it's good enough?

Linear: Usual way of thread viewing that you are used to.

Threaded: Shows a list of "reply chains" as I call them and "replys" to them. To reply to an exact post you hit the reply button in the corner of it. To start a new reply chain you hit the post reply button.

If you don't select a post with the quick reply button (The little paper), quick reply will reply to the current reply chain.
This mode only shows 1 post at a time.

Like threaded but if the top of a reply chain is selected, All the posts in it get shown. If a reply to one is selected, All the replys in the chain under it are shown.

See? It's that easy to use vB 3's thread viewing modes. I'm gonna start a poll asking which one you use.
You trying to say I'm thick and couldn't figure this out for myself or what? :eek: :p
Well some users might not even know about them and overlook them
Also I made a mistake:
When you select a reply in a reply chain in Hybrid mode, It shows only that reply, not all the replys under it as well.
:rolleyes: :rolleyes: wait to go my state the f00king obvious, most people will have played around + seen which style they like, it's not like it's hard to work out ;)
Well, to be completely honest. The very fact that I have disabled the need for a user to quick on one of the quick reply buttons
it will completely cock up hybrid and threaded mode so I will be removing them as soon as I figure out how.
Lighten up ffs. Some people might not notice, or care about them and may want to know more. He's just trying to help
No mate, seriously threaded views will be totally screwed. They have to go.
Unless you want to click on the little quick reply next to the post ?
I posted (wrote) that before your reply :)

Take them away or leave them, eithers good
i dont need those fancy threade stuff. just plain old linear for me.
Linear is the default and I can't see many people using the others.
Linear = Win
Everything Else = lose :p

As good as your intentions are Viper Snake, there's really no need for a thread like this.
The new viewing options are one of the best things in vB 3 other than the new theme.

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