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wonder if these guys are going to recieve the death threats and such that the guy that did the G5 prank got?

ps - for those that don't know a guy took an empty shell for a G5 that a friend "had" and he put PC parts into it and made up a story about getting a G5 for xmas and he really wanted a PC so he took the G5 parts out and put PC parts inside the case. The guy got letters calling him names and even many death threats going in to some detail.


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I don't think he got death threats. Lots of (overreacting..) people may have got a bit angry, but I don't think they went that far.

These guys aren't real either I don't think, I mean the last page where the guy is juggling iMacs, not possible ;) plus small things such as the bowling ball would crack the **** out of the iBook case, not merely knock it over. It's just a joke and it's well done. :)


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from the parts of emails the guy posted were ppl said they wanted to kill him in a varity of ways I would consider that a death threat :)

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