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Guide: OSNN Chatroom via mIRC


I may actually be insane.
As some people have had troubles getting into the OSNN.net chat room, I thought I would make some guides on how to come and join us.

This guide will show you how to get into the room using the mIRC IRC Client. mIRC is virtually always the choice of newcomers to IRC, as it's a nice and simple client natively built for the Windows platform which runs very fast. Please note that mIRC is not a free application, it is shareware software, you are legally allowed to use it without registering for 30-days after initial installation, after this you must proceed to either un-install the application or register the client for a one-time fee of $20.00.

001 - Getting mIRC
To download mIRC, simply choose a mirror close to you from mirc.com/get.html.

002 - Installing
Once the download has completed, double click the saved .exe file and you will be presented with the install dialog.

Click 'Next' and then 'Yes' on the preceeding dialog screens.

You will then be asked where you want to install it to, the default install folder is fine, but you may wish to change this to be more organised, once you have chosen your location, click 'Install'

003 - Running and Connecting
Now that mIRC is installed, double click the desktop icon (If created, else go to Start > Programs > mIRC > mIRC)
mIRC will open and be present you with the connection dialog.

Fill in the Full Name, E-Mail Address, Nickname and Alternative boxes

Next, move onto the "Servers" menu on the left, click add, then fill in the following details:

Description: SqueakNet
IRC Server: irc.squeaknet.net
Port(s): 6667

Once all of this is done simply click the Connect to IRC Server button
Note: Connecting may not work first time, this is not a fault with your client or with osnn in any way, the IRC servers have the rights to allow only who THEY want to onto their networks, just keep trying and you will connect in the end, if not look here for a list of servers you can try

004 - Joining
Upon connection you will be presented with the server MOTD (Message of the day) this will probably contain some rules and regulations which you have to follow to use the network in the correct manner.
Once connected type /join #osnn and press enter.

005 - Chatting
Once you are in the #osnn room simply type whatever you wish to say and press enter.

Once you join the room/channel please be patient with us as we are busy people and there will not always be somebody around to offer you help.

Optional Automation
If you wish to automatically join the OSNN channel, click the options menu on the left, and then the "Perform" button and simply add "/join #osnn" into the dialog box as pictured below.

If you intend to use your IRC client on more than one network, then you will need to change the "All Networks" drop down to "Squeaknet" only, so that you don't join #osnn on every network you connect to. :)

That's it! You should now be able to chat away with other members of the site, and site staff all in real-time.

Feel free to post any queries regarding this guide and mIRC in this thread.

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