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Guide: NTFS Chat Room Via X-Chat.


I may actually be insane.
This Mini-Guide deals with chatting to us in the NTFS channel with the Win32 port of the X-Chat IRC client, I'm writing this as an alternative to my mIRC Guide. The reason i'm writing this is because i personally do not like the mIRC client, and also because mIRC isn't a freeware product like X-Chat.

So, lets get started.
Your first step will be to obtain the X-Chat client, which you can do by visiting the site at http://www.xchat.org/ on the left you will see links for the latest version to be downloaded.
You can get the latest .exe file for windows here

The X-Chat site.

Once the file has downloaded.

File Download.

You may run the .exe and will be presented with basic installation options such as creating icons and the installation directory.

Installation dialog.

Once installed you can launch the client from
  • Desktop shortcut (if created)
  • Start Menu Shortcut (if created)
  • install dir/xchat.exe
Upon first starting the client you will be presented with the following screen

Details Screen.

Fill in your details here, the first top 3 boxes will be the name that others see when you are chatting. The next 2 deal with information provided if another person performs a /whois on you.
You can now select an EFNet server from the box below (pick one close to you for the best connectivity) and proceed to click the Connect button.

Or optionally, you may select the server and then click the edit button, you will then be presented with this dialog box.

Server Properties.

Put #NTFS into the channel box, and tick the Autoconnect option. Then Click ok and connect (The next time you start x-chat it will automatically connect)
If you didn't (or dont want to) use the auto connect option, you will need to join #ntfs maually.


Once the server has connected, just type '/join #ntfs' then hit return.
You will then be brought into the NTFS.org chat room.

NTFS.org chat room.

You are now in the chat room, simply type what you wish to say and follow it with the return key.
That should be all, you should now be happily talking to us, of course one thing to bear in mind is the time barrier, most of us will not be online at the same time due to varying time zones, but be patient and someone will probably be around ;)

Anyone questions or comments may be posted below, other than that.. enjoy :)


I may actually be insane.
i cant see the images either:confused: jus those lil red crosses:mad:
I've just loaded it in Mozilla, cleared memory cache refreshed the page, then loaded it in IE for the very first time (e.g. no cache) and all times the images worked.


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ok i worked out why i cant see the pictures:huh: the school filters all address with the word "chat" in them so the filter is stoping the pics from showing up.:mad:


I may actually be insane.
Yup, X-Chat's the best IRC client I know of (except ina CLI situation, obviously)

V2.0.0 is very close to becoming final, you can check out the Win32 devel release here or just goto the X-Chat site for the 2.0.0pre1 source to compile yourself :)


I may actually be insane.
I think that they're "what"s

btw, I'll re-do this guide, and the mIRC one, along with some other clients, when "stuff" happens and i get time :p

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