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[guide] how to install pandora on touch pro

Perris Calderon

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if you have the touch pro or it's siblings and are using mobile 6.1 Pandora doesn't support the device and it won't work

Pandora is the best app for mobile phones EVAH (imho) so what to do?

xda to the rescue

I decided to post simplified instructions, it takes all of ten minutes;

here's the Pandora .cab

download and install that, if you don't know how to install a cab on a mobile phone, just drag it into your storage card, find it from the phone and launch, when asked where to install pick storage card it works just fine from there

it's still not going to work, you have to do a few things;

you also need this free configuration tool

download that, install that (storage card again) and launch it, you'll enter the "network" thingy, go to "tcp window", on the bottom you'll see a value, if you hit it there will be three choices, go to the largest which is 98304.

still not done, you now have to overwrite the VGA/EXE with this new one and it's pretty simple to do

after you download that file you have to unpack it (it's a zip)then just cut and copy the file(.

now navigate to your phone's program files through your desktop, if you installed Pandora on your storage card go to program files there, otherwise go to the program files on your phone

once in "program files" open Pandora and you'll see a file named the same as the one you copied from the zip, delete that and paste your new one in that folder

bing, done, reboot the phone and launch Pandora, it works for almost everyone now

one problem, the text will probably be very small on the opening screens, you might need glasses to read what's going on, otherwise it works just fine
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