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Guide: Apache and PHP on Windows


I may actually be insane.
SPeedY_B's Quick Guide to Installing Apache/PHP on Windows
(Sponsored By madmatt :D)

first of all you're going to need a webserver to run the PHP module, i'd suggest you do a little reading up on this if you're not sure what this means exactly, other wise click here and download PHP-Triad (~12mb).
PHP-Triad is basically a package containing PHP 4.1.1 and Apache HTTPd 1.3.23 pre-configured to work together on any Windows system.
Once thats downloaded simply double click the installer and follow it through until everything is installed.

You should now have a "PHPTriad" sub-folder in your start menu, open this up and click the shortcut for "PHPTriad Control Panel"

a DOS Window should pop-up briefly, you may ignore this, Once that window has performed its task and closed itself open http://localhost:1005
You will be presented with the PHPTriad Control Panel...

Click the "Install Apache as Service" link, this will allow apache to run at system start-up
(IMPORTANT NOTE: This will run a web-server on your computer, I'd recommend if you have a firewall that you set it to dis-allow incoming tcp/udp data on port 80 so that no-one other than yourself/localhost will be able to access the server)
You will receive a confirmation message, after this you may close the browser window. Next Start > Run > services.msc
Set the Apache service to "Automatic" and start it if it isn't already.

You are now serving web documents from C:\apache\htdocs the address you use to reach the files via your browser (or active desktop) is http://localhost
To use MADMATT.xperience you can simply unzip the contents of the latest zip available (Link in MadMatt's signature) into c:\apache\htdocs or a sub-folder within, here i have put all the files into a folder called "matt" and can access them by going to http://localhost/matt/xperience.php in my browser.

To incorperate this into the desktop, you add a new desktop item, with the localhost url as the location, as shown here :

Once added and confirmed, windows will synchronise with the server (which is local, so it wont take long) then you're all set.
If all has gone well you will now have MADMATT.xperience on your desktop.

For the more advanced user there are more options that can be configured in c:\apache\conf\httpd.conf (open with word/notepad) but i wouldn't recommend this for someone who is new to webservers etc.


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Thank you much speedy, this will be a great guide for those who want to run MADMATT.xperience. It also opens the flood gates for new and exciting active desktop code. Great job. Thanks! =]


I may actually be insane.
First off, thanks for all the compliments :D

Secondly, as the point was raised elsewhere ..
Apache when running will create TWO processes in your tasklist, i've noticed this before but never really looked into it.
Here's some info from the site :
Because Apache for Windows is multithreaded, it does not use a separate process for each request, as Apache does with Unix. Instead there are usually only two Apache processes running: a parent process, and a child which handles the requests. Within the child each request is handled by a separate thread. So, "process"-management directives are different
So don't worry if you see two apache.exe's in your tasklist, it's perfectly normal.

Enjoy :D

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