GUI Customization Resources and Tutorials: Themes, Icons, Docks etc.

lol, i mean the space they gave me (webspace) I went over the limit, and can't use it anymore till next month.
TrueLaunchbar now a 30 day trial :( I'm hosting the last freeware version on my site.
And DesktopX rulz :)
Here's what I achieved with it (Dual Monitor config):

Please attach large images rather than post them, thanks -- Punk
Looks nice coathanger. Could you attach your image instead so it doesn't stretch the screen?
shouldnt this be in desktop caps more than this thread. Could just make tutorial about what you did and how you did it ...
One more cool site for wallpapers and icons. You might wanna add it muzikool.

David Lanham
Nice site, ~bk. I will definitely add that. :)

@coathanger007 - Be sure to post that link the wallpapers post and request thread.
Stardock just released a new app called IconX. It looks good, so I added it to the list.

Stardock IconX enhances your Windows desktop icons. Give them shadows, make them any size, have them zoom up on mouse-over and much more.

Another new app from Stardock:

ObjectDock Plus

  • supports multiple docks on the desktop of different styles (tabbed and untabbed)
  • supports Stardock fly-out menus
  • tabbed docks can have the system tray in them
  • taskbar items can be grouped together like the default Windows taskbar
The downside is that it isn't free. It's pretty cool, though.
I'm looking for some more sites with themes/visual styles to add to the list. Any help is appreciated. :)
Free Program?

Does anyone know of a SIMPLE free program that will allow you to edit Themes and Visual Styles? Basically I don't want to create themes, just play with the colours a bit.
muzikool said:
I'm looking for some more sites with themes/visual styles to add to the list. Any help is appreciated. :)
~bk said:
Another site for wallpapers and skins.

I think you forgot to add that one to your list.

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