gta3 stuttering people read her


Double O Egghead

if you have a problem with stuttering in gta3
i've located a cure

it worked for my machine

i can drive for miles and it runs smooth

this involves the bios
so try at your own risk

if you mess with the bios you could mess up your computer

if you want to give it a try

go into your bios

look for the agp aperture size or agp memory or similar

its setting are from 4mb to 256 mb so you will know when you find it
change it to 4 mb

this i believe forces the card to use its memory
(at least for gta3)
-this might make other games suck:)

let me know if it works for you

and please explain it better than i did



Double O Egghead

i recommend these settings

600x480 16bit

frame sync on
frame limiter on
trails on

the games looks way better

and when its foggy it looks so cool

i have
1.2ghz duron
o/c to 1.35
396 ram
geforce2 mx 400 64mg card
win xp

this game is finally better


Double O Egghead
i think it runs better with trails on

the picture quality is awesome

i like that feature

if you turn off the frame limiter

the games speeds up quit well

they both work good for me



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different settings will work on different rigs..

I run the game on 1280x1024 with full everything and it runs silky smooth... but then it all depends..

apperture size is generally recommended to be 1/4 of your system memory or an approximation... therefore I leave mine @ 128... no real performance difference between that and 64 which it was by default... on benches even no difference...

but like I said every rig performs a little differently...


Double O Egghead
when i set it to 4 mg and use 3dmark

i get a lower score by a few hundred

but when i use it to play gta3
it no longer stutters

remember to set you apperture size back to normal when you want to play something else

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