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17 Jan 2004
Ok guys, here's the deal

I'm trying to set up a LAN game of GTA2 against my brother but I am having a hell of a time getting it to work (a.k.a. I can't get it to work :dead: ). My main computer is set as my home network's DMZ so as to avoid having to forward ports to it, and my laptop is set to use a static IP address to which I have forwarded all the ports that I have read are necessary for GTA2. Even with all this I can create a game on either machine but cannot join it from the other.

Does anyone know how to accomplish this task?

Thanks and rep points to anyone who has the answer.


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25 Aug 2004
are you trying to connect via local IP address? or public IP? I know its a dumb question.... but sometimes stupid things like that can work. Also, your setup (dmz and such) sounds kinda odd and could cause some problems. albeit insecure too... :p What I would do, is get rid of the DMZ, give all computers in your LAN a Static ip and you shouldnt need to open any ports for Lan play. So I hope that helps, it gives you a few options to try out.

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