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gta: vice city


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Hi everyone,

I have a problem with the resolution settings on this game. Any above 800x600 produce a black bar on the right side of the monitor. It's as if the picture isn't centered properly. On top of that, I tried enabling widescreen under the screen option to see if that would make any difference, and it doesn't work under any resolution. Anybody had this experience? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Try turning to screen resolution down as far as it will go.Thats what my son had to do cause he was also having problems.Works fine now :)


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just wondering have you got the latest drivers for your motherboard and video card? i had trouble with the game tried the patch and still didnt work and then oneday new drivers came out and all of a sudden i could play the game :)


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I do have the most recent drivers for my mobo and video card. I also applied the patch to vice city to bring it to version 1.1, to no avail. Thanks for the suggestions everyone, I suppose I'm doomed to run it in 800x600.



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i run it at 1024x768, with no problems, just hit the buttons on your monitor, i know i mine, i had to set it up, as far as the boarders, for that resolution

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