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GTA: Vice City

Tabula Rasa

Stranger Than Kindness
Political User
To run a PS2 game on pc, you need a special mod chip.
I don't remember where to get it, but it exists, and all over the net.
About the PC release of Vice City, I sure hope so.


Where is the info saying it will be release in January, I'd like to read it. It will be so much better on PC.


Free to Fly
its not being released on PC, Sony and Rockstar signed an exclusivity deal so the GTA games for the time being only come out on PS2


I heard that Rockstar North signed an exclusive agreement that vc would be exclusivly on ps2 for 6 months, but Rockstar North is an afiliate of Rockstar and Rockstar did not approve of this so the exclusive agreement is not valid.
Agrees here. I want the one for PC also; and a mod chip for your PC!? I don't think there is such a thing.

I mean; there are software emulators that are being developed that will run PS2 games; such as known emulators that run PS1 games.

Oh and just wanted to say; emulators are not warez; and if people want to discuss; I think we call can; unless members start posting about roms/cracks.
I have PS2 but I really hate its controllers.
I got both GTA3 for PS2 and PC!
I'm enjoying playing it on my PC more than PS2.

hey Nick I thought ROMS are part of emulators!
how can you emulate something if you don't have ROMS.

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