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I'm stuck on that mission at tha rundown airfield where you have to pass all those tests to learn to fly tha plane as well as tha one at Zero's where he is using an RC Bandit to try to get to Berkeley's base....can anyone pass these 2 for me? I'd be eternally grateful! :D


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:D nvm tha Dildo Dodo Mission for me....i passed it and beat tha entire game just a few minutes ago! wahahahaha!!! As for babybluetopaz....i can give you my saved file from when i passed that mission if you'd was a pain in tha ass for me so im trying to avoid doing it again if at all possible lol

Could you send me your saved file after the Dildo Dodo mission. You can email me at

Thanks in advance!
Or if anyone is willing to do the mission over again then could you please pass Dildo Dodo mission (it's posted above in my previous post) & send me the file at

Thanks in advance!
omg!! can somebody plzzz pass me da demolition man mission!!
thats the only story mission left in my game!!
and i cant pass it!! pleaseeee help me!!
im so desperate! lol
plzz help me out!!


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can any1 plz snd me the saved file of the mission of the RC helicopter
A plz help me i would be v thankful
hi, i'm new playing the GTA series, and i want to know how to shoot a gun from inside a car, cause i can do it on a bike, but not when i'm driving a car or truck...
please if anyone can tell me i'll apreciate it
I have a Full Completed Game File that i finished & Saved of GTA Liberty City if any of you want it. All the missions are 100% completed & all you have to do is drive around the whole city.
Dont double post. IF someone has got it they will post it but asking twice will not help. And also, if you have a proper look at this thread you will see the last time anyone actually uploaded a file was in october. id say this thread was dead, just lots of asking and no getting.
heyyyyyyyyyyyyy hi r u allll ??? sorry guyss. i don't know english...cozz am from -> hong kong .... i mean i don't know properrlyyy..sorry k...k anywaysss i v completeddd all the mission of vice city... bombs away also...if any1 want tthht userfile reply me kk byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tc byeeeee.....thanksss
could you plz mail me the bombs away misson at
I would really appreciate

i completed 51% missions now i dont getting any job please help me out if u'll say me i'll attach my file and you people help me out :cry:
hi guys iam feed up with the stunt boat challenge,i have been playing it for last 1 month but could complete it please sed me a save game file just afer completint that mission or please email ti at
Can anyone send me a completed game for GTA Vice City please. I am tired of trying to get through them again after i had reformatted my pc and forgotten to back them up. xD. My e-mail address is Please ONLY send me the completed game and nothing else. Thanks in advance.

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