GTA Vice City Saved Game Files

I cant complete the helicopter missions (the one with the RC - small helicopters) I want a save game with that mission completed guys....
does anyone have the save file for just after demolition man mission i just hate that level if anyone does just post it up plz.
dr_tt: not sure if anyone is still providing these files.. but, it would probably be helpful if you gave a little more specifics as to which file/level you are looking for.
can someone pls tell me what buildings are there to buy or give me a screenshot of the map pls
hello there , i just got here through google search for gta saved files ..
i've just reformated my HD and i was already completed the bank job in GTA vice city
and even the level with phil hospital issue so i was wondering is some one has the game file after the bank job ?! i've search the forums and got nothing in the search

hope someone has it coz i really don't think i'm able to play it all over again

Hi im new here and i need a savegame for vicity with ONLY the missions 100% (not the buildings, Hidden pakages and that stuf.......)
wow.. people still playing this game?

edit: of course, I tend to have a short attention span on most games..
Mine dont have the save folder but it has data, should i put them in there has anyone got the save for the completed game.
All I need is the last two missions can someone upload a save game file where I can play the last two missions of vice city? Thanks to whoever ups it :)
hi im new and i was wondering if anyone has a save game just befor the mission with phil and he makes a bomb that makes you high:)
Hi guys i want a save with 50% +/- of the game.because my save crashed

Can any1 get it 4 me?Tkx
Hi could u send me the saved file of that dildo dodo mission plz im stuck in that my email id is <snip> plz it wud help me in moving the game ahead.

Mod Edit: please don't post your email address publicly unless you want to get spammed. If you have what this person wants please send them a private message where you can arrange a method of transfer.
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Is hier zufällig jemand der mir sagen kann wo ich n saved game für gta vcs herbekomm!

Aber die DEUTSCHE VERSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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