GTA : Vice city problem .

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Loco, Oct 16, 2004.

  1. Loco

    Loco OSNN One Post Wonder

    :eek: :confused:
    messed up my radio files and was wondering if anyone had a back up copy of the radio station game files. if so could anyone please let me know where I could snag a copy, my cd doesnt work no more =\
  2. Scooter

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    ...sounds....suspicous.... hmmmmm
  3. Xie

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    Yeah but could happen. He is just asking for the mp3's (i think they are in mp3 format) for that "radio" in game. He's not asking for the game itself.
  4. Kush

    Kush High On Life!

    Montreal, Quebec
    they are mp3's and wav files
  5. Loco

    Loco OSNN One Post Wonder

    got the game, just looking for the radio sound files :confused:
  6. lancer

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    FL, USA
    theres not really any harm even if it is a cracked copy, we're not giving him the game code, post your e-mail address and i'll e-mail you the files or if you have an ftp site.

  7. Does it really matter?! It's his choice if it's pirated or not, why do you care? And why do you have to make silly comments about it if it is? I for one don't care if he decides to rip off the makers of the game, it's his choice, and if he's busted by the pigs that's his problem.
  8. the_music_man

    the_music_man aka prodj88 =P

    this guy most definitely isn't doing anything illegal and i believe him 100%. just like lancer said, give me an ftp and i'll transfer it there
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  9. Xie

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    Well if he was asking for the game it does matter as there is anti-warez policy here. As he is only asking for some sound files, nothing wrong with that IMO. :)
  10. Loco

    Loco OSNN One Post Wonder

    he he nope I was not asking for the game, maybe I should of reworded my post, my email address is xsillyloco @ aol. com sorry for the miss understanding and thanks for those who were willin to help :)


    PS thanks for the tip bout the spam bots, :)
  11. Steevo

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    I would but since others are already...

    But just as a fact you might want to edit your e-mail address so spam bots don't pick it up.

    As in xsillylocox at
  12. pyroUK

    pyroUK OSNN One Post Wonder

    i just got a new computer and lost my Vice City radio files while tranferring the data. the CD wont let me copy the files directly. Would anybody be so kind as to send me the radio files as well??
  13. Loco

    Loco OSNN One Post Wonder

    if anyone is able to send me the files please email that above address, thanks :)

    if I can be of any help to anyone with gta vc please let me know :)
  14. Afoboe

    Afoboe OSNN One Post Wonder

    Is there anyone who knows where to put them radio files and what format them files should be?
  15. Xie

    Xie - geek - Subscribed User Folding Team

    NY, USA
    I believe they are just mp3's and perhaps a folder labeled "radio"?
  16. egghead

    egghead Double O Egghead

    Sending and receiving gtavc sound files over the internet without written permission from Rockstar Games is a violation of whatever law it is in your country and it is piracy.

    The game can be downloaded and run with no audio illegally and this stripped down version plays fine but without all the radio (radio is the fun part of these games IMHO)

    Sorry, I'm bored.....

    The audio is on the cd and if you are missing audio for a retail version of the game it might be due to a patch you may have installed. RG has a patch to give you the option to transfer and play all the sound from the hard drive.

    If your cd is scratched and you finally get a backup audio copy then you can search the internet for the patch for radio.

    The audio file is located at

    on the cd

    ambsil.mp3 15 KB
    ass_1.mp3 267 KB
    ass_2.mp3 563 KB
    bank_1.mp3 700 KB
    bank_2a.mp3 488 KB
    bank_2b.mp3 612 KB
    bank_3a.mp3 843 KB
    bank_3b.mp3 367 KB
    bank_4.mp3 842 KB
    bclosed.mp3 129 KB
    BeachAmb.mp3 2162 KB
    bike_1.mp3 809 KB
    bike_2.mp3 545 KB
    bike_3.mp3 702 KB
    bopen.mp3 107 KB
    bud_1.mp3 678 KB
    bud_2.mp3 386 KB
    bud_3.mp3 810 KB
    cap_1.mp3 402 KB
    car_1.mp3 738 KB
    City.mp3 9381 KB
    cnt_1a.mp3 851 KB
    cnt_1b.mp3 670 KB
    cnt_2.mp3 441 KB
    cok_1.mp3 850 KB
    cok_2a.mp3 726 KB
    cok_2b.mp3 184 KB
    cok_3.mp3 685 KB
    cok_4a.mp3 800 KB
    cok_4a2.mp3 343 KB
    cok_4b.mp3 221 KB
    col_1.mp3 665 KB
    col_2.mp3 724 KB
    col_3a.mp3 369 KB
    col_4a.mp3 511 KB
    col_5a.mp3 326 KB
    col_5b.mp3 467 KB
    cub_1.mp3 1049 KB
    cub_2.mp3 463 KB
    cub_3.mp3 1069 KB
    cub_4.mp3 743 KB
    DirtRing.mp3 12323 KB
    drug_1.mp3 638 KB
    EMOTION.adf 55419 KB
    ESPANT.adf 57784 KB
    FEVER.adf 59268 KB
    fin.mp3 738 KB
    fin2.mp3 1213 KB
    finale.mp3 5723 KB
    FIST.mp3 783 KB
    FLASH.adf 56060 KB
    Glight.mp3 291 KB
    hat_1.mp3 1149 KB
    hat_2.mp3 820 KB
    hat_3.mp3 615 KB
    Hbeach.mp3 805 KB
    HCity.mp3 854 KB
    Hotel.mp3 7818 KB
    Hwater.mp3 854 KB
    ice_1.mp3 1169 KB
    int_a.mp3 973 KB
    int_b.mp3 1123 KB
    int_d.mp3 917 KB
    int_m.mp3 432 KB
    KCHAT.adf 48716 KB
    law_1a.mp3 1225 KB
    law_1b.mp3 2278 KB
    law_2a.mp3 487 KB
    law_2b.mp3 926 KB
    law_2c.mp3 598 KB
    law_3.mp3 744 KB
    law_4.mp3 870 KB
    Law4Riot.mp3 1778 KB
    Malibu.mp3 11512 KB
    MallAmb.mp3 4167 KB
    miscom.mp3 126 KB
    phil_1.mp3 820 KB
    phil_2.mp3 780 KB
    police.mp3 13864 KB
    porn_1.mp3 783 KB
    porn_2.mp3 751 KB
    porn_3.mp3 1108 KB
    porn_4.mp3 776 KB
    resc_1a.mp3 346 KB
    rok_1.mp3 873 KB
    rok_2.mp3 549 KB
    rok_3a.mp3 410 KB
    Strip.mp3 13741 KB
    stripa.mp3 365 KB
    tax_1.mp3 1154 KB
    taxi.mp3 10783 KB
    tex_1.mp3 689 KB
    tex_2.mp3 615 KB
    tex_3.mp3 561 KB
    VCPR.adf 40501 KB
    VROCK.adf 72566 KB
    Water.mp3 9883 KB
    WAVE.adf 61980 KB
    WILD.adf 64175 KB

    Total 0 folder(s); 99 file(s)

    Total files size: 673 MB; 673019 KB; 689171597 Bytes


    pretty obvious where they are on the cd ;)

  17. superfrog_69

    superfrog_69 OSNN One Post Wonder

    hey ppl,
    i have just sorted out my harddrive on my computer and played on vice city after and noticed tht i have lost my radio files, i have tried several things to get them bk but cant seem to find them. Can you plz help me im desperate. could any of you send a link where i can download them from or send them me
    thanks a mill
  18. lancer

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    FL, USA
    I think after all we should ban outright these posts, as it could lead to problems for the site in the long run, regarding piracy.
  19. Daredevil

    Daredevil OSNN One Post Wonder

    Hi could someone send me the radio files for Vice City? I'd really appreciate it.
  20. skeven

    skeven OSNN One Post Wonder

    Edit: No longer have files.
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