GTA vice city mouse problems

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1 Feb 2004
Maybe someone can help me out here.. I install vice city.. everything works fine.. when I start the game I move my mouse and its way to fast.. so I go in the options to turn down the sensitivity.. I put it all the way to one.. now when I go back in game when I turn left and right its slow but when I look up or down its so fast.. makes the game not playable.. so I figured Ill use my controller.. but when I use my right analog stick everything is turned upside down.. I push up for left.. down for right.. left for up and right for down.. wtf is going on here? I have the Nyko airflow pc controller.. it works great in any other game I play.. anything I can do to fix these problems?


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8 Feb 2004
first i would set up the game to use the controller. as the settings for the controller might be messed, as far as the mouse, i think i would turn down the settings in windows itself. then i would go back into the game and adjust as necessary.


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12 May 2004
Me too, man

My brother and I, on two separate computers with two different controllers (I have a Saitek P880, he has some WalMart special even cheaper than mine). The right analogs have the axes rotated, but only on Vice City. We cant figure out how the hell to fix this, and it makes flying helos a bitch. doesnt ANYBODY know wtf this is?


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17 Nov 2004
Vice City going nuts

I recently just installed Vice City. All works well, but when I actually start to play the game and get control of my guy, the screen is spinning round and does this non stop. When I move the mouse I have slight control and the joystick works, but the screen keeps spinning round and round. Anyone?

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