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GTA VC Help?


OSNN One Post Wonder
hi all, i am very new to this site, and i want some help in playing GTA VC. i am unable to do mission named DILDO DODO. any help welcome.:):rambo:


OSNN One Post Wonder
Hy all , I want too the save of this mission Dildo Dodo in Gta Vice City or the save of 50 % . plsssssssssss help me . my mail is symona922003 if anyone want to send me the save .

Scott Young

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"push down whilst skimming along the water and when it
takes off, push up and it will level out. The problem is, if it lands
on land, you're buggered as it won't take off on land or even move,
so be sure to land only in the sea. Now, the best place to start is
Viceport, then just follow them to Little Havana, then to the airpot
and then a back to downtown."


its not really that difficult a mission, just keep trying, its easier with a gamepad
than the keyboard
i don't think i have a save right after that mission... all i have is the one where you have to beat hillary and the last three missions... if nobody else has it i could probably beat it this weekend and send you the save then..

however... as scott said... it's a really easy level.. it helps to go all the way down to the docks, circle around and pick up the route from there/ that way you have enough speed to do the sharp climbs...

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