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Gta Problems


Mr. Bananagrabber
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Here's an interesting one for you guys, my computer will not play GTA right, i've tried both GTA San Andreas and GTA vice city.
Both install ok and you can play the game, but you move very fast and everything happens in super speed. I tried both games on my laptop and they work fine. Refer to my signature for my system specs.
- JAck
ray_gillespie said:
Yes, don't install mods.

Only joking :)

Which mods are you trying to install? What happens when you do install them, do you get an error message or does the game just not run?
when the loading bar comes up, it makes a ding noise then crashes


There is no answer!
Political User
you need the limiter on, as some cards cant handle the coding correctly, the limiter limits the frames to 60fps i think it is.

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