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gta 3 help



i have gta 3 but when i save a game and try to load it, it doesnt work .. can anyone help me.. and the v1.1 patch is not workin..


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Not to accuse anyone of anything but....

...I remember way back when gta3 was avail. for download via the p2p apps., on one particular (which was very popular) game file you could save a game but there was no option to load anything.

just an fyi


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Umm, no message appears when you try to load a game. The only situation that I heard of this happening (not accusing you of anything) is on a burnt, illegal version of GTA3. If this is the case, than I suggest you don't say that lol, and seek help on another forum (so you don't get in trouble here)

Otherwise, try to find a new gtaIII.exe (or whatever the .exe file is... i haven't played the game in a while) off a website, and make sure you can run off a backup cd (because we know that own the game, your just using a backup cd ;) ) Megagames.com is a good website...


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