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GTA 3 and XP question/problem, please read and help!



Here is my dilemma:

I reformatted my pc solely to install XP Service Pack 1. I had the intention of re-installing GTA 3 after and playing it a few more times. My Service Pack 1 installation went perfectly, and all applications run perfectly, except GTA 3. The game will load up fine, I can load any save game I want, even start a new game, but about 8 seconds into it, it goes to an all black screen (like my monitor was shut off) and I can only turn my computer on then off to get anywhere, it completely freezes my system. No chance of getting back to Windows.

Here is what I've tried:

I've applied a patch found on Rockstar's website, something that upgraded it to version 1.1 (I remember it was a 1.05mb .exe) and I even tried that infamous patch that solved the yellow-box-text-menu problem (it told me it couldn't work because I had SP1 installed) I didn't really need that patch, as I wasn't having the yellow box text problem anyway, but I thought it was worth a shot. I've tried searching www.gta3.com for other people with the same problem, but nobody seems to have the same problems I have.
The game was running perfectly for months before the SP1 installation, and I'm literally using the same hardware and software in the machine, so nothing has changed there, the only thing different about my machine now is the Service Pack 1.

Here are some specs of my machine:

It's a custom-built Athlon XP 1700 on an Asus board. 768mb of DDR, GeForce 4 Ti4400 with 128mb of DDR on-board memory (I also have the Detonator 40.something drivers installed and have for months). Typical 40X CD-ROM drive and all the other normal items...

I set the Direct3D and Open GL to "NO/0 Anisotropic Filtering" figuring this may be the cause... I was wrong.

So I'm stumped, no aspect of my machine has changed except for Service Pack one, and before that, the game was perfect.

The only thing that is slightly weird with my PC, after the SP1 installation, is that in my "Device Manager", I have an unknown (yellow question mark) device called a "SM BUS CONTROLLER", and I haven't got around to finding the drivers for it yet... I honestly don't think I'll easily get them, but I feel this might not have anything to do with my GTA 3 problem. (I'm no techie, so I could be wrong here) The computer runs fine even though this thingy isn't operating at all...

Anyone else have this same problem??
As for the SM BUS controller, I found information on www.smbus.org. As far as I understood, SM BUS somehow regulates the ACPI managment in Windows. For drivers you have to check www.asus.com.tw or Windowsupdate.microsoft.com for updates/drivers.
As for the problem GTA3, does the game also freeze when you start it up and do absolutely nothing? I had the same experience with Max Payne. As long as I just walked around everything was fine, and when I wanted too shoot, the game freezes and takes Windows (98) along. I found out later that it was my soundcard what gave the probs.

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