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Grrr...speaker help!


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Stupid Logitech.

So my Z-560's have been wonderful, amazing in fact, for the last 6 months or so.

Then I came home about 3 weeks ago to find that only 3 of the four satellites were functioning.

The rear satellites are fine.

The left front satellite plays right-satellite sound, and the right satellite doesn't produce ANY sound. I've tweaked with the wires connecting to the sub, and it's not the actual speaker, it's just the sub/amp, I think.

Logitech's Support SUCKS ASS and refuses to reply to my questions. 2-3 business days my ass.

So anyway, can any of you guys help me out here? Am I gonna have to get new speakers? :( Or can this be fixed?



hmm, the transmitter may have been damaged somehow.

do you have a warranty for the system? if so i'd get it replaced!

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this could be a problem with the configuration it might be that a prog has change the settings to stereo or surround (whatever) and its just a matter of setting it back to the config you had before
Make sure your sound card supports the 4 speaker set up...also, make sure all the speaker wires going into the computer are not loose. If not that, I would get the speakers replaced...however...maybe it's the speaker wire iteself thats faulty...try another wire if possible.


Jestermask: here is a scenario. I have the speaker set you speak of as well. I am using Windows XP and my hope is you are too, this problem has happened to me.

Have you messed with your volume settings lately? If so, check this out. In Windows XP go to Control Panel, then Sound, Speech, and Audio Devices. Choose Change the speaker settings. Under speaker setting, click Speaker Volume. Check your left and right volume settings. Are the indicators in the same spot on both lines? Or, is one towards the left and the other towards the right (interchangeably)? That's your problem. Click "Restore Defaults" also check "Move all slide indicators at the same time". For some odd reason Windows doesn't default to this option so if you adjust the volume, it may do so for one side and not the other. I had this same problem and for the life of me could not figure out why. Let me know if this works for you.

If you need any additional help, let me know.


WinTMBG Professional
Ugh. *hits himself in the head repeatedly with a claw hammer*

Stupid me. Apparently the front connection had just come loose from my sound card. I hadn't checked that because the speakers had become screwed up without me doing anything, and me getting to the back of my computer tends to be rather a ***** with my desk setup.

Well, thanks for everyone's suggestions! I'm sure they would have helped had there actually been something wrong with my speakers. :) Just my laziness got in the way. Thanks everyone.

*goes back to abusing himself*


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