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Group Policy: Computer Settings > Failures pushing out .msi files


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Hey guys,

First of all I would like to start by saying that I have already been searching through these forums for my resolution. I can find quite a few people that suffer from the same problem, however there have been no resolutions posted. Here is my dilemma, and the steps I have taken to try and resolve it:

I am attempting to push out 2 files from Group Policy out to all users. Both are relatively small files, which were originally stored on our NAS Box with Windows 2000. We previously had a file for Adobe Reader 8 being pushed out, so I placed the files in the same location as that file. I have setup the policy to deploy the software from the Computer Settings area. I definitely am using the UNC (\\\share\distribution\policymaker\polmkclt.exe) for the package, and am also right clicking the Software installation portion and setting the path to the directory.

When force the policy to update on the computer, restart, I observe both of the policies trying to install their files, but they go by really quick. When that is all said in done, I look in the error log and see the following error messages:

Event ID: 301
Source: Application Management

"The assignment of application PolicyMaker Standard Edition Client from policy PolicyMaker GPO has succeeded.
Event ID: 102
Source: Application Management

"The install of application PolicyMaker Standard Edition Client from policy PolicyMaker GPO has failed.  The error was : The installation source for this product is not available. Verify that the source exists  and that you can access it.
Event ID: 303
Source: Application Management

"The removal of the assignment of application PolicyMaker Standard Edition Client from policy PolicyMaker GPO succeeded.
Please note, I am able to directly navigate to where the files are being stored, so the computers / users have permission.

Here are the following things that I have tried:
1) Making the distribution directory shared, and also assigning permissions to that. Everyone was given full control.
2) Shortening the path to the file; I heard somewhere that long path names don't agree well with group policy.
3) Placing the files on a Windows 2003 server, assigning permissions to that too.
4) For the group policy, assigning the Authenticated Users, as well as the Domain Computers group full control to the policy, as well as the files. I have been reading that people are saying the computer account itself did not have permission. This should have sufficiently taken care of that.
5) Applying the software install under User Settings instead of Computer Settings. This removes the errors from the error log on the computer. The files are also appearing as being installed under "Add / Remove Programs". Unfortunately there is no size listed for either program, and one of the programs (a plugin for Outlook) is not appearing in the client itself, so to me it doesn't seem to be installing...

Does anyone have any ideas in regards to this? I appreciate any help you can give me!


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