green checkerboard! :P

hi all,
sometimes - quite rarely; when playing games and sometimes when im just in windows (ie for example), my pc will crash and the picture on the screen is still visible execpt there is a large green checkerboard sort of pattern with horizontal lines accross the screen and the speakers will make a continuos beeeeeep sound until i physically turn the pc off, or reset it, somestimes the display contiunes to have that wierd pattern on it after a reset and during bios to windows. quite scary. im thinking that i may have a faulty graphics card.

ok, my system is NOT overheating its only 27'C in there, my cpu is only 37'C... nothing is overclocked. i recently bought a geforce 4 ti 4200 (64mb) , and have a duron 900, 512sdram... soundblaster live player 5.1.... 120gb hdd... etc..

i have all the latest drivers for sound/graphics.. and there are no conflicts or irq problems.

any ideas?:confused:

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