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High On Life!
hey guys, today im in here, for my dad, my sisters and i have decided that he needs to move to canada or the states, as we all hate egypt, lol! and ive seen these sites on the net a lot, the question is do they really work? i heard they really do, and my second question is which one is the best one or are they all the same? i found this one but dont know why it has a .de extension not a .com if its suppose to be from the states

American Dream


High On Life!
Lee said:
1) are you Islamic and 2) why would you want to leave Egypt?
by islamic do u mean extremest? cuz no im not and niether are my family, and u probably meant are you muslim not islamic.

yeah we are muslim, but we dont live in egypt, we live in saudi arabia, but we dont (well i don't and my sisters dont want my dad to live in egypt) when i come here i feel that the houses, people, and everything is depressing. and the people are really gay, i cant stand them, ohh and theres too many of them lol. they way they treat you here is really bad and i cant stand it, NO RESPECT, or morals


High On Life!
which would be a better place to do this? egypt or saudi? i would think saudi, because not a lot of people wanna move from there to the states, i know its bad though cuz maybe of the terrorist activity latley... hmm well see my friends mom works in the consulate right next to my school, i will try to get info.


Well mafia_69 it's going to be hard for you and your family to migrate to the U.S.A. I would have thought. Canada would be your best option.

Canada is very liberal from what I hear and read.
It's upto your Dad, if he wants to stay in where you are now, then well you will have to ride Shanks Pony all by yourself.

Perosnally I would rather die of hunger than leave my Country, even if we became like the third world.

Good Luck.


High On Life!
trust me i never wanna come back to egypt again, the government is all thieves, when i came back from lebanon, they wanted to tax me on my camera, and they are like you have an egyptian passport, u will get taxed if u had another one then u wouldnt, so i was like thats the way you trear egyptians, they were like yeah, and your not leaving the airport until u pay or u leave it here, eventually i snuck past them from another lane. god damn i hate this country


Evil Marge said:
I'd leave tomorrow if I could.When I win the lotto,I'm off :D
You off to Ol Lundin Tan?

Where would you go?

Well mafia_69 the British government are more corrupt than yours :( Sorry to hear they are that bad.


High On Life!
ohh no they arent trust me, couple of years ago to buy a benz you pay 400% tax! and where do u see that money? u dont its in the pockets of the government offcials. no money is put back into the country. and btw the presidents son Alaa Mubarak is a partner in every company and if they refuse they close that company, hes a partner in microsoft, any company you ask hes there just taking the money!


Political User
Prob best off going to the Saudi US Embassy. Is your father currently in Egypt? He may have to go to the US Embassy there, if so. I don't know the in's and out's of emigration, but you're certainly not going to get to the US if you don't at least try. Not sure where Lee is going with the Canada/liberal thing, but if you're concerned about anti-muslim sentiment, I assure you it's greatly exaggerated.

Not that I don't love the US, but I'm with Marge, when (if) I hit the Lottery, I'm outta here! Fraser Island in Austrailia is where I wan't to be...saw it on TV and dream about it every nite now! I be a bus boy for a resort if I have to! :p

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